Got kind of lucky. Previously worked in the company I am at now as an analyst. I then left to freelance/ try starting my own business. After a while I then decided to go back working full time as I got tired of always being broke. Applied for a position and interviewed, then told I was just waiting on the approval to start from the execs as every position as 3 rounds of approvals all the way to the VP’s of this massive organization(which is why they struggle to find decent talent as well since no one wants to wait 3 months to hear back). Well after 2 months of still freelancing the hiring manager calls me and says the position fell through due to a company wide hiring freeze.

Fast forward 6 months of still freelancing, the hiring manager calls for a different more senior position to ask if I was still interested in working for the company. Gave me an offer which I accepted and took 3 weeks to get started.

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