Ive been working on pseudo-Java (ie some 3rd company's UNDOCUMENTED programming language) that they parse into Java in their backend

It doesnt even support if-else (only ifs and elses) or a boolean combination of False and OR together lmao

mainly a GRPC middleware-language

Given its lack of features (arrays/collections) or documentation, I just had to implement a flag-array using a 0-1 string

Im throwing exceptions unless combined strings equal Lengths and is only 1s

living like in 80s-90s 💀

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    oh and ofc exceptions/"throwing" doesnt exist

    it tries to return a false, thats all it can do
    if this house-of-cards module doesnt somehow fumble mid-way in their pipeline
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    Omg. Would've been totally my dream job. I write languages for fun. Arrays are hard to implement with garbage collection and such
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    @retoor if I had to implement this pseudo-language, I'd have fun as well (maybe)
    But im not the implementer, Im the end-user, hence the hell-scape
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    WTF, why would someone do that? Is there any benefit of that language?
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    @glowFX templating language for automation for communication for example
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    @azuredivay why they didn't choose Lua? Lua kinda destroyed my implementional language dream. It's perfect. In sake of implementation it even kills python
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    @retoor probably to add on to their 'proprietary' points -.- they can charge extra for it and for support after all
    I personally had to raise like 10 tickets over the last 2 months for "feature additions" to their "language"

    the language/modules arent versioned either, so if they change things on their side without telling us, our implementation breaks, so company pays for "forever-support" lol
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