Ok so apparently, if you are a mid-skilled worker and want to sell a service in this country you must register to some "state trade chamber" and start paying 3k/yr right away.

So, by doing the math, if I wanted to provide some cheap hosting service I should start with minimum 200 customers from day 0.

Fuck that.

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    Yeah governments suck like that

    It gets worse outside of tech. We have it easy. An industry that hasn't had hundreds of years of laws written about it.
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    @Nanos doesn't matter, as long as you want to sell something you must register there.

    Doesn't matter again.

    In Italy, if you want to do business on your own, you must be registered as a "taxable entity", and that already sucks because of a tax system that drains you.

    On top of that, if you sell something you must also register to said chamber and pay 3k (on top on regular taxes ofc).

    This is one of the reasons many youngsters leave the country and most "unskilled" jobs pay you off the record.
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    Are you sure that it's so expensive?
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    @msdsk doesn't seem the italian gov website to me
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    @msdsk is that only Napoli though?
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