My father deleted the email with the credential for our ISP (pppoe: username and password), and I need it to connect a router.

Just called the tecnical service, after a couple of minutes they gave it to me.

They sent to me both username and password.

In clear.

Asking me where to send (which mail).


Obviously, I just had to say the accountholder of the bill.

Now I am super scared, i can virtually access any account.

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    Hit them up. Beneficial for everyone c;
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    Isn't it limited to your cable anyway?
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    I guess some companies might use the number you're calling from as some kind of backup for account details. Just a thought. It's pretty hard to imagine that just the name would get you the username and password, but I guess you never know.

    Still rediculous that they can send the details in plain text though.
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    As @Double-A Said, it works only with your Line, if you try to connect your router from another line with the same credentials it will never work.

    If they don't have this kind of ( security limitation ), techniclly you can serve the whole country with only one credentials
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    @Double-A @Baguette They gave me a dedicated antenna that is needed to connect, I know someone that has the same ISP, I will try to connect with my credential with his antenna...
    Maybe they see that I am connecting from two diffent places...

    Didn' t think this way when I wrote this rant
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    Here at my country the ISPs have only a default username:password on their routers, its really an auth at their cable level, probably something to do with switch ports or something like that, not a network guy...
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    Yeah, you can just call from a different number and ask for basically anyone's credentials
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    @mngr did you by any chance call from your landline? It could be, that the landline number is linked to the account and thus no further authentification is required (says my inner optimist...)
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