Started taking an Angular 5 tutorial to see how things were going in the world of Angular JS. I got to say, I am impressed. It makes me think of React in a lot of ways, but with a heavy emphasis on separation of concerns. Particularly suited for those that do not like to mix views with logic. I am liking it and going at it with an open mind although React is still my preferred option. One thing that irritates me is the ammount of "plz sir, can you give code for <insert complex and heavy app that people just do not give for free>".....so annoying.

On another note, I like how Angular brings in the concept of di among other things to the table, what I am trying to get is the feeling of writing 2 apps, there is one thing to have MVC on the background, the other is to have it in the frontend! Oh well, Angular (first edition) was fun and I know it decently well, time to get cracking on more code!!

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