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My vision is to implement something that is inspired by Flow Based Programming.

The motivation for this is two fold

* Functional design - many advantages to this, pure functions mean consistent outputs for each input, testable, composable, reasonable. The functional reactive nature means events are handles as functions over time, thus eliminating statefulness
* Visual/Diagrammable - programs can be represented as diagrams, with components, connections and ports, there is a 1 to 1 relationship between the program structure and visual representation. This means high level analysis and design can happen throughout project development.

Just to be clear there are enough frameworks out there so I have no intentions of making a new one, this will make use of the least number of libraries I can get away with.

In my original post I used Highland.js as I've been following the project a while. But unfortunately documentation is lacking and it is a little bare bones; I need something that is a little more featureful to eliminate boilerplate code.

RxJS seems to be the answer, it is much better documentated and provides WAY more functionality. And I have seen many reports of it being significantly easier to use.

Code speaks much louder so stay tuned as I plan to produce a proof of concept (obligatory) todo app. Or if you're sick of those feel free to make a request.

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