Since everyone is sharing there Linux desktop

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    @AleCx04 one day I will get this correct
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    Muahahaha now we know you have no password!
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    Probably takes at least a i5 to run that.
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    @runfrodorun i pictured you as the kind of guy that has his machine like that :P now I kow
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    It was sarcasm.

    I've made programs that print asterisks I could just as well print nothing.
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    @AleCx04 for people that speak l337 there's a lot of grammar Nazis on here.
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    This is what my gaming rig currently looks like. Damn Nvidia!
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    @Deim the only reason I correctly differentiate their, they're, and there and especially your and you're now is so my wife will shut the hell up with correcting me.
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    @nkydeerguy not really a nazi, or at least I try not to be one. I make tons of mistakes and I normally appreciate it when someone corrects them. I usually come in peace man :P
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    @Kryptic0 I'm not sure... I run an arch system on an old core duo.
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    It’s so beautiful I’m getting misty eyed
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    @AleCx04 I don't mean to dog you. Im used to being corrected. I know proper English it just never comes out that way.
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    @LeFlawk you got it, I put pi3 with 64gb as my server, and do all my programming through ssh sessions/host website
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    @LeFlawk will do. I know arch is a bit unstable as a web server, but I wanted to try out arch so I figured why not.
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    Same the thumbnail and thought it was going to be a grub rescue shell.
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    Show us tty2
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    It's not bad,
    it's minimalistic.
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    I have this monitor also !
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