There's a devRant extension for Chrome & Firefox.

Please up vote this post so Edge users can too browse devRant in secrecy from there bosses!

Thanks 😁

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    @CortDavis there is a post going about devRant for Firefox being released. The dev is in the comments. Ask him to see if he will make one. When I asked him about edge, he said he would if other users wanted it!
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    if they are edge user that means they are nt dev, no up vote ;)
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    @rookiemaverick banter. I am a dev and use edge. What's you point?
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    @Telescuffle mate seems we landed in wrong zone. sorry for hurting the feelings. by the way why do u use edge? there is chrome Firefox opera????
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    Edge in my workplace? Maybe in 5 years
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    @rookiemaverick nahhh. Not hurt. I just don't like the view that people who use edge are therefore worse than people who use chrome or Firefox. I used to use Firefox, but Imo the browser has started to lag behind. It feels slow ans relies too much on flash. Chrome is a good browser, but it is also a resource hog. However the main reasons I use edge is firstly I am a windows insider. Therefore I want to help Microsoft make a better browser. Second, I own a windows phone. So using edge syncs my stuff between phone and computer.
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