TL;DR: I don't like working with 'most' Indian people. And some stories supporting that written below:

A client calls me directly to get features/fixes done on their site. No middle management shit at the company I was working at, at the time.

So I quit the company, but the client has my phone number. So he starts texting me to get more work done. I tell him "I work for money, if you can pay me that, I'll do all the work you ask of me".

They praise my blunt-ness and say they will discuss it. And I never heard from them ever again!

Client reaches out to me and gets me to work for them for 2 hours/day and pays me INR 8,000 (about 95 USD) a month. I say fine, I'll do the work.

I do the tasks as they say for 3 months then I ask for a raise to INR 10,000.

They start pointing out mistakes in my work, and they say they're not seeing the "dedication" in me. Only when I asked for the raise. Not before that, mind you.

Vice President of the company tells me that he saw me in his dream the night before.

I've told this one before so I just threw that in.


At the end, I do like some Indians that I work with. It's just that most of them try to massively underpay you, or want to get the most work out of you as fast as possible and sometimes both.

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    Sounds like universal corporate evil to me
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    More like Indian corporate evil.

    Trust me, I absolutely love working for UK and Canada clients. I've had two clients from UK at this point and both are phenomenal people.
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    95$ a month? Maybe you should work for me. No matter what you do I can sell it for more xD
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    @KDSBest This was in 2018 when I only had one year of experience. And the deal was 2 hours/day.

    At my current rate and experience, you won't be able to hire me. Trust me.
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    @SidTheITGuy hmmm... 8h/day would be 400$. Even if you 10x that I could hire you ;), but then I most like would hire someone local
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    @KDSBest 400$ X 30 X 12 = $144K salary annually.

    10x that would 1.4 million annually.

    Damn, that's a lot of money even by USA standards. I mean I could believe you given I have no reliable way to fact-check it.

    But don't worry, I don't work for people like you who use money to scale and judge anyone.
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    @SidTheITGuy you said 100$ per month 2h/day, which is 400$ per month 8h/day meaning 10x 4k$ oer month 48k $ per year.
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