So I barely get home and I see my 10 year old sister in the living room coding with the Xcode Playground, I asked her where she learned how to do that and she said "I just read the books you had." I'm so proud. 😭🤘🏼

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    Amazing! Man, the next wave of Devs are gonna be so interesting—way more diverse and hopefully even more innovative :)
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    That's brilliant, a brain that seeks knowledge. She will definitely go far!
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    Am I the only one who does not know what xcode playground is?
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    Xcode is ios coding related. And a play ground is where kids play. So i imagine xcode playground is normal xcode but with monkey bars, swings and climbing towers.
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    A playground sponsored by Apple? I would climb that @Knossos
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    That is so great! #girlswhocode
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    Awesome, what books do you have?
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    Very cool, she will go far and has a great brother to help her on that path it looks like
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    congrats on the rant ball
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