Got a great boss!!;

Me: Hey, do we have a corporate GitHub account?
Boss: *excitedly* do we need it? We'll get it!
Me: uhh, yeah, we need it 😉

Don't care he doesn't know what it is, got his trust to get all the right tools!

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    Tag me when you do the graphics card and server giveaway. 😊
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    @Zennoe If github has a major breach that would be a problem — but most companies already have all their data and intellectual property in the cloud. Cloud services can be safer, especially when your small company has no experienced sysadmins. At a previous company a visitor stole the codebase through the guest wifi, through which he could reach the git server.

    If your company already has major onsite IT infrastructure it makes sense to go fully selfhosted though.

    Gitlab is not made by Github btw, it's independent made by Ukrainian devs, now a silicon valley startup with an open source selfhosted / freemium hosted product.
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    @Zennoe Yeah, I agree with @bittersweet. There's just no reason to self-host and deal with all the hassle that comes with that when there's a product that already exists and solves your problem. Overengineering is dangerous.
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    Give this idea to your boss then: https://github.com/talkdesk-challen...
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    @bittersweet don't forget about GitHub Enterprise which is self hosted.
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    gitlab-ce is easy to setup with docker. Takes 10 minutes to set up using AWS ec2 service.
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    @armeg Is it still selfhosted if Amazon hosts it 🤔
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    @bittersweet Amazon doesn't host it. It's not even their stack. You get a plain Ubuntu server. You've to install docker and run gitlab-ce. It's completely self hosted. You only pay for the hardware and network.
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    @armeg Yeah but they're still host of the hardware and AMI image etc. Are you hosting a party if you invite people to a restaurant?
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    You're one lucky fellow. I asked for a testing server so users can test new features on test data. Guess what.. we can't afford another ec2 instance.. better test it locally.
    Since then I'm picky about companies. Miser companies don't make great products
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    @ribchinski Ukraine, Syria... examples of generally sophisticated smart peoples where small minorities drag the whole civilization and economy to the deepest pits of hell. I really feel saddened that that shit gets in the way.
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