Another day as an adult not using a binary tree.

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    Never needed them. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    I have used them, but I use trees outside to pee on more.
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    Speed is rarely of relevance with today's hardware capabilities in most devices
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    Same, which is why I politely disconnect from interviews when they ask questions about data structures and algorithms.

    Y'all need to start doing this shit. There is no-fucking-reason for a question concerning shit like this to be positioned for people working in: Web Software(anything that is going on we, I don't give a shit what it is), mobile software (see the previous point) WHATSOFUCKINGEVER and even as a game dev.

    Just say no and walk away. Watch how fast the industry changes.
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    Same here.

    I use binary search quite often though
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    It’s because you use it transparently, just like everyone of use quantum mechanics everyday not knowing how it works.
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    Same yeah I like non binary trees better :)
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    Nah, I use a swisstable on a daily basis because it's even better, but I don't think Swiss tables are a good introduction to datastructure design because there's just too much going on.
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