Had devRant installed for a while now and finally have something worth sharing.

This happened in my last Python lab at uni:
Me: *Working away at this week's assignment*
Dude next to me: You know last week's assignment?
Me: Yes?
Dude: Did you test you solutions to the exercises?
Me: Yes
Dude: Oh, I didn't. Do you think I'll lose marks?
Me: Yes

I can only hope I'm not forced to work with this guy on group assignments...

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    oh it will be sooo fun having to fix the mess after him lol
    Welcome to devRant :D
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    Wtf who doesn't test if the code works or not...

    Clearly that guy but why...
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    @Alice @ignuit @gitpush Thanks
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    @okkimus I suspect his question was prompted by one of the lecturers having a full on rant the day before about the majority of students not testing their code before they submit the work. He must have been wondering why he has losing so many marks over the past month before that point...
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    @robnixon Did he also write random numbers on all maths assignments and Lorem Ipsum in written exams?
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    LOL in the future he will be one of those people who asks a dev to fix a problem that only occurs on specific live data without testing their code against or even looking at said live data.

    "Oh I've communicated the problem to you and you know the language it's written in don't you? Make it work then and I'll test your solution on my end once you've figured it out."
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    @Evil probably
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    @Jop- but, won't his dev behavior be formed in school?
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    @RealKC @Jop- not entirely, but it would be best to squash bad habits like that sooner than later before they manifest themselves into his being
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    That's also pretty damn true; I dropped out after two years so I can see your point clearly :D
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