Exploring dedekinds and kronecker products (script at - https://pastebin.com/dDuT3dTp)

and the thing I immediately notice, if you output the matrix is that it is a lower triangular matrix. I don't know a lot about the kronecker or matrices in general, but if dedekinds can be generated in this manner, shouldn't some standard approaches like back substitution or forward substitution be applicable here or am I off in left field on this?

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    @kobenz it's an upper triangular matrix I'm just retarded and reversed them.
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    @kobenz I thought a determinant was strictly a 2x2 matrix?

    I don't know enough to know what I don't know. If you're telling a joke, it flew over my head.
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    @kobenz if they're equal, what does that mean? Whats the applications and implications, if any?
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    @kobenz that's very fucking cool.
    I'd be surprised though if *everyone* before now somehow missed a triangular matrix representation of the the kronecker products underlying the dedekind numbers.

    And even if they did, I dont know enough about the math to say if solving it this way makes finding the dedekinds faster. I legitimately cant say either way, I'm that ignorant on the subject.

    Your explaination is very cool though, and I love that you take the time to lay out the math and that you have such a solid grasp of it.
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    @kobenz strongly disagree. I got really strong pattern perception, but almost no experience, training or learning whatsoever in actual equation solving.

    You clearly do have experience.

    Where'd you learn it all?
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