Some "engineers" entire jobs seems to only consist of enforcing ridiculous bureaucracy in multinational companies.

I'm not going to get specific, the flow is basically:

- Developer that has to actually write code and build functionality gets given a task, engineer needs X to do it - a jenkins job, a small k8s cluster, etc.
- Developer needs to get permission from some highly placed "engineer" who hasn't touched a docker image or opened a PR in the last 2 years
- Sends concise documentation on what needs to be built, why X is needed, etc.

Now we enter the land of needless bureaucracy. Everything gets questioned by people who put near 0 effort into actually understanding why X is needed.

They are already so much more experienced than you - so why would they need to fucking read anything you send them.

They want to arrange public meetings where they can flaunt their "knowledge" and beat on whatever you're building publicly while they still have nearly 0 grasp of what it actually is.

I hold a strong suspicion that they use these meetings simply as a way to publicly show their "impact", as they'll always make sure enough important people are invited. X will 99% of the time get approved eventually anyway, and the people approving it just know the boxes are being ticked while still not understanding it.

Just sick of dealing with people like this. Engineers that don't code can be great, reasonable people. I've had brilliant Product Owners, Architects, etc. But some of them are a fucking nightmare to deal with.

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    It’s sucking dick appeasement - never creative engineering to better society
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    Time for a job change
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    i studied engineering. Would never use "engineer" as my title lol.
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    I fucking hate the word impact.
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    The first lie of corporation is that you work for corporate good and wealth, that’s idealistic bullshit like unicorns and ferries.
    You work for wealth and well being of your direct supervisor that should be your friend, if he’s your friend and he gets promoted you have a high chance to be promoted too.
    Just to have an ally for next promotion.
    If you are good and effective team with your supervisor you can go to high position in the company quickly, if your supervisors are assholes that don’t understand that or maybe they already picked “friend” it’s time to change project / job.
    That’s simple rule from animal world, we are animals with our asses covered with blinking lights.
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    Manager goes:
    We're all on the same ferry.
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    It’s all about power. Nothing new.

    I on the other hand don’t give a fuck.

    We need to build effective teams with seriously high authz.

    One guy! One single women with a cloud and a pipeline engine IS A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH! A whole team? Oh mama!

    We ENGINEER AWAY the risks. Distribute it. Dilute it. Resilience. Stability. (Aka send the bill to someone else)

    Those motherfuckers who stands in the way (when the decision has already been made) are all around. It’s all about power.

    If you don’t feel like you are productive or learning or shipping… leave. Your services are wanted elsewhere!
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