I started to hate programming.
I started with a lot of enthusiasm 11 years ago up to become in 2 years a full stack dev, a sysadmin and had also my fair share of technical assistance on every device plus hardware experience mounting hardware like cctvs, routers, extenders, industrial printers and so on. At the time you actually had the tools to solve problems and had to crack your head and pull hairs to solve stuff and people actually was developing solution and frameworks that solved stuff.

Today I can't stand anything.

Every midschooler feels entitled to release a framework that is announed as the next cure for cancer. Web dev once was thin and simplistic, now simplicity is considered a bug and not a feature.
I'm working on an angular project for the nth time and the whole environment is a clusterfuck of problems held togheter with kids glue.
Someone did a tool/framework for everything but most of it is barely well tested or mature.

Just to start this project we had to know, beside html/css/js techs like Angular, Kafka, Kubernetes, Docker, git, Lit, npm/node, mysql/sql server, webpack/grunt and the hell that it brings, C#/Asp.NET/MVC/WebAPI, and so on, the list is long.

DAMN. Making a simple page which shows a tabbed view with some grids requires you to know a whole damn stack of technologies that need to cooperate togheter.
It's 10x more complex and I actually find it much less productive than ever.

But what bugs me most, is that 90% of that stuff is bug ridden, has some niche use case or hidden pitfall and stuff because with this whole crap of "hey we put on github you open a ticket" they just release spaghetti code and wait for people to do the debug for them.

Angular puts out a version every 2 days and create destructive updates.

I am so tired that I spend most of my 8hrs binging youtube vids in despair to procrastinate work.
I liked to do this once....

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    you know you dont reaaaallllyy need 10 stacks for projects

    You can choose to keep them simple
    Ofc you'll hate it when your projects are a clutrfuck of intertwined dependencies

    Go simple, pure JS/CSS for UI
    .NET or whatever backend you want to use

    communicate with XHR and that should suffice

    Not everything needs to be a TypeScript App

    They can be simple UI + API and still look pretty, be productive, and be fun to work on
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    Unfortunately I'm not a freelancer and most of the time is not my choice.

    One project I had to chose was for a big pharma.

    I was going for ASP.NET Core MVC + Dapper only.

    They had Devexpress on it which caused a bit of head scratching but simplified most of the complex UI tasks so it was acceptable.

    Literally 3 things and Jquery.

    Worked like a charm.

    Now I'm dealing with this mosnter stack of techs on which i can't choose anything.

    Absolute hell.
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    You sound like you don't get to choose the tech stacks that you work on. Somehow, you landed in projects that tried to be "modern" but fail at it.

    I feel bad for newcomers in the tech field, I can't imagine what it must be like to not even properly understand what DOM is and be expected to learn all sorts of Svelte, Angular and React all at once.
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    > Every midschooler feels entitled to release a framework that is announed as the next cure for cancer. Web dev once was thin and simplistic, now simplicity is considered a bug and not a feature.
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    Another confirmation for my observation that every dev here who hates his job happens to be a web dev.

    Before some dumbass is triggered by this again and starts to rage like an idiot:
    It’s not the same as "every web dev hates his job".
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    @Lensflare I'm not a web dev. still hate my job lol
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    I started programming with C++ 10 years ago. At that time, if somebody asked me where I see myself when I'm 40-50 years old, I'd tell them - coding, I enjoy creating algorithms and basically there's nothing I can't do. Over the years I went to backend development due to money and this passion faded.

    From my experience, that's what web development does to you (not saying this is the only one, just that it's my experience). It's one of the highest paying jobs vs demand for developers, but basically you sell your soul to the devil.

    My suggestion is use this to your advantage, grind for several more years and earn money to start something on your own which will actually bring back your excitement back to coding.

    Always remember your roots, and work towards that when it's tough.
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    @SidTheITGuy Imagine that this particular customer is big and has an internal IT depaertment, and they redid all existing components in the world (card, accordions, checkbox, dropdown list, textareas and whatever html component already existing) in lit + angular (lit is some "prototyping" shit framework that it's an absolute useless nightmare) and they want to test it.

    First they put karma. Then they asked me to switch to jest and cypress.

    Fun to work with all that shadow dom that that lit shit and angular create.

    Failed at be modern? They failed everything and reinvented the wheel doing it

    I didn't even knew lit esisted before this
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    I wanted to post that one myself in this very rant LMAO
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    @Lensflare I actually worked with anything from mobile, to desktop only to webdev. But you know, now you have SPA, electron and shit so people is "why even bother doing old legacy desktop apps, let's do it in web". I actually enjoyed webdev, until it become a bandwagon of shitty trends everyone forces you to follow.

    Really, I can't bear the whole js environment they did, it's the worst thing ever.
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    @myss It's not well paying. This made me even more sad.
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    I’m in the same position at the moment. The joy of coding has left the building. It seems that the PM or company watch to many YouTube videos before a meeting and think it’s the best tech because an influencer said so! And then there’s me in the meeting trying to explain how much complexity that this will bring and we need to keep it simple only to be told that they’ll be adding more features with new tech and i need to learn x framework.
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    @skoobi If it was just PM or business people. That's understandable. But I find the "cool" kids now want to be "nerds" because it's cool.

    But they have no inclination to learn now things work, they just want to use the latest cutting edge stuff
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