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    Are we talking about Rosetta?

    Maybe we should add that the comet's speed is 38 km/s!!!

    No, I'm no expert, I saw this, went read the Wikipedia page on Rosetta (and the comet 67P), then came back ☄️
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    @jAsE rocket was made by smartest people alive, flown by smartest people alive

    CSS was made by perhaps smart people for the masses. Hell, even we think half of programmers are dumb
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    See, if you took the same people who built that rocket, and told them to align stuff with CSS instead, they'd align the shit out of everything.

    (Then they'd probably kill themselves due to the boredom, but that's beside the point)
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    Maybe it means we should trow css into space... I mean get rid of it. And make aliens mad because css contains insults for them... I'm going too far 😩
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