What the f**k is this changelog.

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    It's the time when you've crossed every possible limit of laziness, why change changelog when you can use same changelog on every update.
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    better than what Google always use: Performance improvements and bug fixes
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    They know users don't really care that much, so why bother dedicating time to it?
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    I hate the Spotify change log. It's usually involving removing good features rather than adding or improving.
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    One of their developers probably pushed something to Git with the commit message "I last edited this 4 days ago but forgot to push so I don't even remember what I changed."
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    I fucking love those changelogs
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    You might take a look at Messenger's. It's been years!!! 😠
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    What's the point of maintaining changelog when you don't fucking change it??
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    Tumblr is worse, since they try to be cheeky, so people will be inclined to read it, but they don't bother to actually give a change log.
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