So... has anyone yet made a comment about now exHead AMD Chief of GPU division Raja Koduri joining Intel?
Now this is awkward after I made this OC image not so long ago :/
Also in other news can we comment that Systemd has pretty much took over most linux distros? is this the new NSA backdoor? (before someone points out is open source, have anyone been able to properly audit it?)

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    Thanks for these updates, I think it's up to him to choose where to go, like if I'm a dev and working in X company and if Y company is ready to pay me more than what I'm getting right now, I'll definitely go for Y company.
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    @Aitkotw Yeah, I usually post many news that I come around in my site and blog but since I dont have yet active developers yet to engage with I post them here from time to time
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    Amd inside Intel? Sure.. That sounds.. Hot.
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    @nik123 The only comment so far regarding the whole Systemd invasion...
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