I confess that I really dislike the devRant's very dark theme..

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    ban @2erXre5 !

    no, just kidding. actually I thought the very same at first, but I'm so used to it now, I kind of love it.
    Give in to your darkest wishes and go full black. 😉
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    You're not alone, me too !!
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    @Aitkotw and how come you use the dark theme without being a supporter? Are you using Windows app?
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    @github invert color, Obviously 😑
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    @Aitkotw oh. I think the experience of very dark theme is equal to invert color. The avatars also gets inverted in invert color option.
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    @wolt amoled phone will be really awesome. My colleague uses the very dark theme. I love it too.
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