I just bought a USB mobile power pack... Here my thought:

-It's on sale!
-But do I really need it?
-.... Will I could give it to my dad if I don't...
-but what it's it been... Chinese products are cheap...
-this isn't cheap... It's just on sale!
-you know you'll need it.. at the rate my phone's battery gets used in a years time it won't be able to leave half a day...
-cmon only $21 hrs left... this is a steal... It's only 15$....

-ah ok.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

*After buying**

It's not too late to cancel.... Should I cancel?

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    i have 3 power packs and need them desparately (I think that would be worth a rant for itself)
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    This is also me buying Raspberry Pi's and it's accessories
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    I bought an electronics pouch for like $2 off GearBest and store some cables in it, including my 16000mAh powerbank (it's a tight fit!). I just put it in the laptop pocket in my backpack since I do not use one. You are not gonna use it every day, but it comes in handy when you're short on power. I never worry when I go out with 30% battery since I always have everything on me.
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    @heyheni aka Shenzhen NearbyExpress Technology Development Company Limited.

    lol I guess not much different from whatever I bought.
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    I highly recommend those.. It depends on the brand of course, but I got on of the really cheap brands called "PockedJuice", and it has served me well for two years now. They have a new model now which is smaller and holds more power, that replaced mine.
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    @Condor yea.... Singles Day....

    We should have a Binary Day 10/10 it for di miss it...
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    @Cyanite the problem I worry about is if it's a dud like use for a few months and just end up with a brick... And no return.... or at least have to pay shipping which before cost more then just buying another...
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    Mine cost $7... (full price) so you can see why I called it cheap.

    They have standard issue bareries in them. Like what you'd find in phones (the thin ones for smart phones or the ones that look like AA that you'd find in wireless house phones).

    As long as you stay at or above $10 you should be fine. One you hit that marker, one makes them better or not is capacity, or features.
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    @Cyanite they're actually a good idea... The problem with better phone's it's they aren't easily replaceable...
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    @billgates so many typos FCK GBoard...
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