Any Stromae fans on devrant

His music get me in the zone...when code works and test pass 😅😅😅

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    I like Stromae too :)
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    Absolutely love his music
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    Not a fan, but I do listen it once in a while
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    Just love his music !

    Also fellow Belgian so always cool ;)
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    @gitpurge the netherlands
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    @gitpurge I thought he was known all over Europe, mainly because of his big charts hits
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    @gitpurge Kenya
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    "alors on code" 😋

    Obviously I understood zero French but like him a lot 😬 I rarely google lyrics even for English songs but I tried to know most of his songs meaning in English and they are actually very meaningful. His TEDtalk is very enjoyable to watch as well. ☝️
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