My school's servers can only support 100 connections at the same time. So they are always down. It's so lame

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    Our school has 1.4Gbit/s so I'm downloading lots of porn every time I have access to it😊
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    @ThatDude its in southern Germany at the lake constance somewhere :) yeah the internet is good but our teachers don't understand how to manage it xD we've got some random self healing network shit that reinstalls windows on boot so you need to wait like 10mins at the start of each lesson when 30 students start their PC simultaneously. I go and take a walk outside every time and come back later and boot my PC within 1min or else I'd get AIDS
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    My school would have a fucking gigabit but they were stupid enough to order it somewhere else and try to send it back using wireless devices... So we only have 200megs
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    Hey, I think most schools have shitty equipment and if you want to learn something IT-related, it's better learning it at home
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    @ThatDude coz the teachers suck. Windows is running on Macs πŸ’ like why buy macs and then install windows on it. We've got one room with i7s and gtx 1080s but only the graphic classes can use it :(
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    @b3b3 gotta be careful downloading porn at school, I've seen people kicked out for less
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    @hcaz I was thinking about leaving this school anyways so I wouldn't care that much actually. The only reason why I'm still on the school is because we'll be doing a project later this year and some "professional it dudes" from a company I would like to work at will come and help us a little and he said that who does good at the project has a great potential of getting hired by that company. I guess that's a good opportunity :)
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    @b3b3 in that case a good reference from your school will help you get your foot in with that company, best keep your head down and make sure you do great in that project and get their attention in a positive light!

    Good luck!
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    @hcaz thanks ^^ yeah I hope this works :)
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