Has anyone ever had a good computer science professor? Because I'm convinced they are a myth.

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    I'm expecting to have one next year. I've emailed him more than once, and he's always been glad to help, despite not even being a student in his class.
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    @jhh2450 well if he is good. Treasure is teaching. Because they are few and far between.
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    I have had some pretty shitty ones but also some real gems. Without thinking too long I would say its balanced.
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    I have 3-4 actually...

    First was my school teacher... she was didn’t know much of computer science outside book but never forced us to do anything... we always did other things than book and she was always supportive...😊😊

    Second is a college professor... she is hands down the best teacher ever. She isn’t familiar with new tech and stuff but always loves listening to what I do and new things that I tell her... she is quite fun, frank, and caring ☺️☺️☺️
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    Third is actually a sir... he taught us discrete structures, theory of computation and right now, operating system... he is also an amazing teacher who listens to those who wanna learn... and he is very frank and fun too!😎

    Finally, there is a professor who isn’t actually computer related... she taught chemistry to us in college... again the best teacher ever, quite strict if u don’t behave manner-fully, but very nice and helpful if u do... there is just something about her that I like a lot which I haven’t been able to explain yet ☺️☺️☺️
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    Yup, exactly one. Bioinformatics prof who lectured "design and analysis of data structures". Holy shit... That guy. At the beginning of each lecture he'd be standing in front of the clock and wait for the seconds to tick over and start instantly after. Topics were from algorithms, data structures to np-completness. I learned 2 months straight from 8am to 6pm, even on weekends because the exam was known to buttfuck you hard. Like 90 percent of students wouldn't make it the first time they tried. I've got the best result with a 3.0. I was fucking happy.
    But boy, I learnt more in one single lecture than all others combined. Like: Problem x? Wait I think I remember an algorithm/datastructure that perfectly fits this exact problem.
    This prof is my fucking hero.
    When preparing for the exam a question came up and all of his employees were gone but he didnt have any problem sitting with us for an hour and help.
    Nebel for president!
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    I know a really cool one, sadly I don't have him anymore, but most others are also pretty cool
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    My C teacher is absolutely amazing. He can be very mean if u try to fool him but he's always very supportive and friendly if he knows you are trying your best.
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