Well, I just wasted £250. I needed a Mac to build iOS apps so I got the newest Mac Mini with lowest specs (I’m still a student). I thought that 4GB would be enough as my laptop runs fine with 4 but NOPE.

ITS SUPER SLOW, XCode takes >10 minutes to even launch and RAM is always at max, I even had to get the Mac Mini without upgradable ram.

I worked all summer just to get a Mac which is sluggish, :/.

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    Upgrade to 8GB and install an SSD with min. 64GB 😉
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    @Christian1998 It’s the Mac Mini 2014 or else I would have already
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    @githelp I have the same... I did upgrade to 8GB. I run tons of services and use xcode all the time. The ram makes a difference.
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    4GB RAM? Unless you're running LXDE or maybe even XFCE, the OS is gonna take up the majority of the RAM. You won't be able to work with anything properly.

    4GB of RAM is so 10 years ago. That's precisely the time that I bought my budget PC, with 4GB DDR2, that worked just fine with Windows XP and Visual Studio 2005 back then.

    Now you want to run a 2017-era IDE, on a 4GB RAM machine, that's an ultrabook?

    What did you expect?!
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    Why not upgrade your laptop and run OSX in a VM? I am pretty certain apple even lets you do this if it's only used for development
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    Check the return policy. You might be able to get your money back.
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    That's why I aim for an iMac
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