anybody know open source Equalizer for android. So I can modify it and integrate with my app.

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    I believe there's api for that, not sure though?
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    @inukinator yes, android has built in equalizer that is not too shabby
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    There is a built in equalizer in android phones. Check the api in android dev docs

    But since some old phones doesnt have one, make sure to include custom equalizer or 3rd party lib to fill that cavity
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    Is the equalizer only in the API or is there an actual equalizer somewhere one can use? (With non Google Play Music apps)
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    @Bikonja google provides api, but it is an option for phone manufacturer whether include the equalizer or not. Depends.
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    Actually, I have seen this Equalizer in many apps. But I didn't find it. I want to add this Equalizer in my app.
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