So, I am feeling low in life. I want to do so many things and not a single one is going as planned. On top of that Bitcoin has taken a plunge and my funds are stuck with a shitty exchange and I cannot withdraw till tomorrow.
Le a github issue appears and I am thinking what went wrong now. I had added a few new features to the app which would have broken the old configurations. So, I ask this guy to re-configure and test.
After about 2 hours I get a reply from the guy saying "Thanx for the great new features and for creating this great open source project!!!"
This made my day. And I am thinking Life's good. Life is so easy and we make it so difficult for us. The first thing I am doing after this review is write this rant. Now back to work.

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    Always try to have positive attitude towards situations, out mind is like RAM, it's good to have stuff in it but sometimes you need to make it free, in order to run new apps. Take time for yourself whenever you feel down and stop thinking too much. Good luck 👍
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    @Aitkotw Yeah, I figured that much. But I am finding it really hard to implement it in real life.
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