[1] Don’t panic! All will become clear in time.
[2] You don’t have to know every detail of C++ to write good programs.
[3] Focus on programming techniques, not on language features.

just read in "A Tour of C++11" by Bjarne Stroustrup

It's not just true for C++, that's true for everything

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    C++ is a language in which you reinvent the wheel a lot.

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    Bjarne's books and talks are always fantastic. I really enjoyed his keynote at cppcon this year.
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    I just started an advanced c++ course with only Java and c# under my belt. I panicked when completing the first exercise took 3 days. But now I actually kinda understand pointers and how to use them, so that's always something
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    @HelloUglyWorld not that much, there are thousands of libraries everywhere
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