My Linkedin feed is bombarded with .NET and C++ jobs.

I don't like C# and don't know C++.
I understand the demand for C++ but not .NET.

Every time I use C# or Powershell I feel weird and handicapped by Microstuff's prison.
Java, Python,Node.js and bash scripting feel so much better. Why there is such a demand for .NET devs?

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    because C# is nice
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    C# is very nice. Have you used azure? The integration with c# PaaS is awesome.
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    Really? You clearly can't C#.( joke )xD But seriously, everything you can write in Java you can write in C# in less, more concise, more elegant or more understandable code. Java was my first OOP language and honestly I would hate to go back to it after I touched C#. I hear Kotlin is nice though.
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    I'm in the camp that C# is fundamentally a better language than Java. And now dotnetcore works on Linux and Mac there's no need to give up your other tools to work with it.
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    I have developed professional in both Java and C# and even though I like the openness of Java, C# is better at almost everything, especially at tools, frameworks and Azure integration. It's a bit like Windows vs Mac. Windows is more open but fragmented and not as sleek as Mac that is great if you use their ecosystem.

    Edit:forgot mentioning that VS is a lot better than any Java IDE and then we got entity framework as well!
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    Because you not liking something does not mean it is necessarily bad. I do not like a lot of things about many different languag3s or environments and that does not mean that they are bas.
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    @AleCx04 bad** dammit
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    .net core runs on linux
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