My colleague often forgets to lock his computer when he’s away from it. I’ve told him countless times that he should lock it because of company privacy reasons. Yet he forgets. I’ve started to change his IDE font to Comic Sans lately, the team always gets a good laugh when it happens.

But it’s starting to get old, any ideas of what I can do? 😈

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    Light theme, aliases in terminal, make the PC lock automatically every 30mins 😇
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    Change his keyboard layout and enable left-handed mouse settings :D
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    @jhh2450 um yeah sometimes I'm Satan, sometimes I'm rather Jesus. But most of the time I'm b3b3 ^^

    @SilentCoder and @zshh you could also plug in a praphicstablet and just lay the pen on it (and then hide). Happened to me (accidentally) and it took me 30mins to find out😒
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    Am I the only one that uses a Monospaced Comic Sans like font for development?
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    If your colleague is the type of person who has lots of browser tabs open then bury a random 10-hour rick-roll video in there and wait for the screams. If you're feeling particularly evil then make it two tabs of Rick!
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    @conjoiner don't forget to set one on .75 speed.
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    Go on high contrast
    Change wallpaper to something he don't like
    Run 100 windows of IE and windows defender
    Make script for toggling all lock LEDs on and off in loop
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    Send an email from his computer to all your colleagues that he’s buying drinks for everyone.
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    Surf to fakeupdate.net and set it to run in fullscreen.
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    Spinoff of the idea @conjoiner had, make a little script that opens Never Gonna Give You Up in new a window/tab every 5-10 minutes. Disguise the process name to look like a part of his system/browser/IDE or something, so if he tries to kill it he can't find it.
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    @irene It's called Fantasque Sans Mono iirc. For a sample look at the image here https://devrant.com/rants/995950
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    Change the directive on his favorite browsers .exe to open something fun when he launches it. A friend of mine lived with meatspin for 2 weeks before he figured it out xD
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    Shift his keymap by one 😈
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    Take a screenshot of his desktop and set it as the wallpaper. Then hide/delete everything on de desktop. That way it will seem the same but it's become totally unresponsive..
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    Use fake RansomWare on his computer 😈
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    @thijsvn @irene
    These are THE classics :)
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    So many good suggestions! Remember I usually only have a brief moment alone with his computer, like max 5 minutes.
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    Install a remote access tool then when he comes back open Last Measure
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