Why is caffeine so popular among the coders?

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    legit question? Obviously to fight at least my case the semi-permanent sleep deprivation I constantly have on me... also I happen to enjoy drink coffee while we are at it
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    Well, its generally popular at any desk job
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    @legionfrontier I'm addicted as fuck
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    Because coffee wakes me up and gives me a little buzz to be somewhat alive and capable of listening to stupid people making stupid requests at 9am.

    Without coffee my sleep deprived soul would end up killing someone.

    It’s worked so far. (Officially)
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    @C0D4 same for me.
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    Isn't it amongst everybody?

    Well my opinion might be biased because I live in Finland:
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    Because cocaïne is too expensive, I guess 🤔

    *Dodges cops*

    Because it's tasty AF and it gives you the perfect energy blast you need to deal with shitty legacy code
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    @Piwaye well, Coffee makes me gag. Tea and redbull on the other hand... I tend to abuse them.
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    @wxcazee so you're telling me you're not drinking coffee ?

    *You're dead to me*
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    I'm still amazed by the amount of tea drinkers at my job. #CoffeeAllTheWay
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    Isn't caffeine popular among the general population?
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    @shellbug In most places yeah. unless you happen to live near a highly concentraded mormon or similar area
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    As mentioned earlier it's a focus thing to me. Throwing down a couple of red bulls and having my headphones in ill throwdown whatever code needs to be done. Though its prolly just that I'm addicted now and if I don't have either (especially on days where I gotta write unit tests) I start feeling like that crack dude from the Chappelle Show.
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