Update os to osx high sierra yesterday make entire Documents folder missing away. RIP T_T.

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    what why :S I've been updating since 10.10 and never faced trouble :\
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    @gitpush I don't know :\. Fortunately, all of my working projects are on Github.
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    @chunza2542 that saved the day lol.
    By the way a word of advise, always use combo updates from Apple website, version upgrades are done from the store but for example if you are updating from 10.x.0 to 10.x.y go with the combo update it usually fixes issues because it has everything from vx.x.0 to x.x.y
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    Thanks a lot man. I'll take necessary precautions
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    Holy cow that sucks... and is weird!
    Thankfully I also take backups of my data ( media ) on my external hard drive... and programming stuff on github 🤗
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