Pretty new at the job still.

-”Hey, best practice to do X?”

”Just check how we did it in previous code”

*checks whole bloody project, everything done in 500 different ways by 20 people*
*selects what seems as the best solution already used*

”Ya, you should have done X like this instead”


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    It’s pretty sweet here besides this scenario though, but this has annoyed me several times 😂😅
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    @sonywalk it's better to select one good one out of 20 rather learning only one specific technic from someone
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    @Aitkotw Oh, absolutely! Sure, all solutions they’ve given me have been good solutions. I just... if you prefer me writing X in a specific way, might as well save us both some time and tell me right away, instead of being rejected in a code review 😅
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    @sonywalk if they are being mean co-worker, you can't help it. And personally I think going through someone's code can help you understand what not to do and if they have some good technics you can use that as well.
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    @Aitkotw I mostly just think they aren’t that aware of the previous code. When they say ”look how we did in previous code”, it seems like they’ve forgotten how big the codebase actually is, and how many people has been working on it over the years 😅
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    @sonywalk loosing track of previous project is common thing. He probably remembers only a part of code he worked on, plus only latest parts. Also it may be that he just was busy || had bad day.

    However I prefer to discuss concepts while having one (even breif) solution on my own. This way you could ask him if that is correct, what should I change and/or be aware off. Not sure if that would work in your case though.
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