Hey ranters, I want to setup a centralised auth backend that assigns multiple logins/API keys to a single user account which is managed through a Frontend application.

Background is we use multiple services each with their own login system and not all support a unified login/auth method for their API.

My approach is to setup a simple API/Auth backend that stores the users credentials plus multiple API-Keys of other services or their logins. When auth is successful the Frontend app may receive the associated credentials for the other backends to call their respective API. So the user can login once but the Frontend may access all backend services without the user noticing that their are other auths.

This should be a really general problem today. I'm really just diving into the topic of auth and Frontend, so I hope to get some guidence/overview from you. My questions are:

- Is my approach totally stupid?
- Are there good frameworks you'd recommend for such a setup?
- Is there a best practice which I've overseen so far?
- Resources you think are a must-read?
- Any other recommendations regarding security here?

So, what do you ranters think?

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