Just saw this awesome video about SVG:


Now I want to ask for resource where to start with SVG because I am really new to them...

Any recommendations?

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    Didn't watch the video but I never felt the need to learn how to do it. Usually Android studio has all that I want for my apps, and iconfinder.com covers the rest. If you to learn Adobe illustrator builds SVG
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    @gitpush I tried some stuff with inkscape.
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    @Divisionbyzero designing an SVG IMO is for simple icons and not complex ones for example the dev rant sticker image is tough to make it as an SVG, but devRant icon if made as an svg it will has a tiny size, and no matter how far your go with increasing its size on the device it will still be high res
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    @gitpush did you have seen the video?
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    @Divisionbyzero honestly no :\ I'll check it now
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    halfway through the video and now I understand what you mean, I liked they demonstrated it with React and Vue
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    Inkscape is fine, but will leave a lot of clutter in the svg. That's not only bad for size, but it can interfere with css styling. Give it a big scrub with a Notepad :)
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    @nbamaral I did, therefore I managed to shrink a 46kb logo to 2.5kb inline SVG. 😄
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    To those who are interested, this awesome work is pretty well written and deals with the basics of SVG:

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