My Company paid a designer for a svg graphic. This is what we got:

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    Is that obfuscated code? Maybe it can be obfuscated.
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    Ask for your money back.
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    this is indeed SVG format. He probably used an online export tool to generate that base64(log).
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    I don't understand the question... you got what you paid for?
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    Everyone with photosho can export an image as svg. The real art is to create a clean and neat svg with the least code needed.
    In svg it`s all about file size. Check wikimedia for good examples with documented change history.
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    @GinjaNinja i dont know much about image formats but it seems to me that it's just a base64 image (probably png) wrapped in some svg code. Beating the purpose of svg anyway since its technically not a vector image.
    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    @cankarales @GinjaNinja
    Correction. Yes the image is in fact png.
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    @cankarales You are indeed correct, that is an svg with a regular png inside, defeating the purpose of using svg.
    Svgs are supposed to contain vector points so that the browser can draw an infinitely scaleable image or icon.
    Stuffing a png inside an svg is completely useless. You'd be better off using a regular img tag for that.
    I scold any designer who presents that kind of crap to me.

    @DoktorWer your company should demand a refund for that kind of crap.
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    Shocked so few know svg properly
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    Does anyone of you know a best practice for svg sprites? (usage as CSS background/mask image)
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    @DoktorWer yes i know about it. You would find many great articles about it online
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    @varundey I already read some of them. I am more interested in experiences and recommendation for specific implementations :)
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    for a second i was like "what? what's wrong with it?" then i saw the data blob. dear god 😫
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    @magicMirror @GinjaNinja, this is not svg, this is a pixel/bitmap image wrapped into an svg tag.

    What they paid for was an svg that:

    1 - was vector
    2 - could be manipulated and animated
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    @magicMirror Nah, too complicated. Just drag it into Photoshop.
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    I now see the error of my ways!
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    @GinjaNinja do use proper svg or don't use svg at all :)
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    Even though he did make what he was hired for, the image looks fairly small so you could save to file and run through something like VectorMagic or some other software to get the SVG
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