I know very little about networking.
So I've got this modem and I am trying to configure it, I am supposed to access to it through a web browser using its IP address. I pinged the broadcast to find the IP, but when I am trying to connect I have a nice "connection refused". So any ideas ?

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    Run nmap on it see if the port is open and try requesting the webpage through telnet so you can actually see the output.

    Route -n to see your routers ip as given by the dhcp lease
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    Ipconfig /all
    Look for the Default Gateway entry, that IP is your router, put that in your browser.
    Should come up with a login page
    If not, theres a small factory reset button on the back, push that and try again
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    @illusion466 Yep, agree, id do the reset, you might need something pointy to press the reset button, they are usually recessed.
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    @illusion466 it worked, thank you 😊
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    Thank you all
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    But I still can't connect to the internet : "concentrator not reachable" 😞
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    I know i'm not helping at all, sorry.. but it's technicolor. It's not meant to be used. It's meant to stand in ikea as a dummy object in the living room you're going to buy.
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    Or just Google company's Documentation to know device's IP Address
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