Saying yes to people who want a website for $100.

I've learned my lesson, all brand new websites now start at $1000.

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    Even that’s pretty low
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    @runfrodorun Agree, but I need to start somewhere and I've only had two clients so far.
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    @runfrodorun pretty low? Custom from scratch vs portfolio mom pop store wordpress site ?
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    @penderis good point. Websites on WordPress start with 3000$, because... WordPress
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    Welcome aboard.
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    The best part is that IME, those with the tightest budgets also always seem to have the most strongest expectations...
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    Clients who expect miracle prices, often expect miracle websites too 😂
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    $1k feels low still. Make sure you aim to earn what you'd need to live for that time. It'll come in the future.

    Also good luck!!
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    @jay97 It's the local economy. If everyone in the area is charging a ton for a site then everyone's prices go up.
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    I could never ask money for making a website. I ask money for hours I spend working.
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