I bought medion md 19500 vacuum cleaner refurbished for about 74 usd, it can be controlled using ir remote

I disconnected vacuum top and it’s still working so my plan is to use arduino instead of attached remote to control robot

I can try to identify where ir sensor is to directly connect to it, but don’t know if my skills are enough to do it.

to compare, roomba create 3 costs 450$ and I can buy this vacuum used without remote for 38 usd

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    oh awesome. I've been wanting to do something like this for a while but wasn't able to find a cheap vacuum
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    Can you find schematics? If someone else already tore it apart? The IR sensor might be able to work with a uart.
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    @iceb I plan to release the control code to github once I finish
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    @Demolishun I think they don’t want me to know how it’s built
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    Oh, you want to control remotely? Not replace guts? Remotely should be a lot easier.
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    You can just blink an IR LED then.
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    @vane that board is packed
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    @Demolishun that’s my plan so I can move to next part of plan

    @electrineer yes it is
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    @electrineer if I could find the Chinese factory that produces those that would be sweet
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    Why are you trying to control it with arduino???
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    @vane finding a chinese factory that produces something specific is one of my odd skills... jusy fyi
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    @awesomeest because I want to control movement using code. I don’t need a vacuum only cheap robot base.
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    this is what I want
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    @vane wouldn't it just be simpler to buy a few motors, gears and wheels and make one to control? Maybe ive just been doing shit too long to understand this kinda thing... the closest i can come to understanding this is using old printers to make 3d printers and shit like a chocolate printer... but i started that way before society knew the term 3d printer.
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    @awesomeest I have only 2 and half weeks until new job and I want to make a base for offline robot assistant that will ride around my house and speak with me. I don’t want to code actuators and stuff like that I just want a cheap platform I can build on and iterate as fast as I can.

    If I buy motors and start printing it would take 2 weeks and I will be left with nothing.

    I can replace riding parts later but that’s not the point.
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    @iceb I want that too but I want also to interact with my robot :)
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    @vane start printing what? Im not suggesting to print(3d) a full robot... or anything. I'm simply wondering why it wouldnt be simpler(and more money-efficient) to just build/code from scratch.

    Idk the setup of the vacuum you got, but unless you're using the preprogrammed features, like sensing walls/corners/objects and recursive path recognition.... which i assume would have loads of annoyance to get to a point of modding or interaction... why not just build it from the base parts?
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    @awesomeest I don’t want to focus on perfection at this point. Just sketching. I can as well move it with my phone and add automatic movement later. That’s not the point.

    The point is to put rough pieces together that can all work like crap and improve it later.

    I have rpi, camera, touchscreen, couple ai models to work on and little time to finish sketching.
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    @vane perfection is a misnomer that invalidates itself. Anything "perfect" has no ability to advance, which is, itself, a flaw.

    It seems we have vastly different ideologies on this topic. I respect that, especially as you dont seem to be just mirroring some influencer or online guide...
    side note: i always warn against that behaviour/using any of those methods as a significant influence, esp videos, the ones not produced by a group like W3.
    You typically don't find exp'd, good, devs making yt vids, esp. well-edited, scheduled, promoted and/or post-production 'enhanced' types.
    Factually, the vast majority are introverts and/or atypical neuro types (and often easily annoyed by pandering to 'enthusiasts' , especially politely). why the hell would they be re-acting something they already did, using 5-10x the time, instead of building more 'oooo! Shiny!'?

    Nvr trust a dev if u cant answer that question cuz they suck and/or there's unknown fuckery amidst.

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    @vane btw... though id go nuts using your methods... Im fully aware im legacy and a depreciating breed.

    In case i wasnt extremely aware of that already... this week I hired a Full-time projects manager thats also capable/going to do some of the time sink dev stuff (like email templates, web front-end, etc)and be lead graphic design for now.

    Him and I were chatting, some reqs/info/etc and some listing relevant abilties/known bad habits, etc... surprisingly he didnt run away... we got into quite a few 'back when...' nostalgia-esq convos from our early dev/computer repair days; we had a very similar timeline, experience for early years...

    ...I'm 31, he's twice my age... I was an odd, highly unsupervised, child.
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    @awesomeest Everything is subjected by the things you learned or that happened to you in the past.

    The key is just don’t care about everything around, because it doesn’t exist for real. It’s just a creation of human imagination.

    I frankly speaking just learned from you that there are software influencers.
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    I reiterate this statement very often; it's proved necessary:

    I am extremely literal and highly specfic.

    I'm not sure what you're attempting to convey with your use of "subjected".
    I'm just far too autistic/annoyed with wasted lengths of time resulting in eventually noticing a glitch in the matrix when assumed to be comprehending eachother, or, at some timing/pattern even I don't tend to catch quickly enough, a trigger-esq fluctuation 0's out any hopes of the other being receptive to fathom-- even a will to consider fathoming, miscommunication, not a hellfire missle squad actively attacking.

    1- "subject(noun) to" conveying being brought up under or deeply indebted(typically an owed allegiance) to... therefore more likely to tilt forned principles/views
    2- closest to your statement (etymologically). Often by force, render dependent on/make submissive/alt branch implying total enslavement
    3- My working theory-- highly influenced by/~ 'a producf of our environment'
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    @vane assuming youre a normal human and were just using the term as you heard someone(s) else's propagation of misinformation trying to sound, artificially, well-versed, aka akin to #3.

    I'd agree with the added arguement (passed, not otherwise typical usage) that the influence of the env HIGHLY varies on the born traits of the subject of potential influence... which may negate the weight of your point, while adding a totally new dataset with ranging modification properties to factor for...

    As this is coming up for the 3rd time this month and i can reuse the wall of factual irl examples.

    Consider the folmowing:
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    just 5th-7th grade's key points, truncated(really):

    5th- bullied a kid who had a major crush on me; poor name recall

    Made rel. very sane teacher(nun-- not strict/sterotype) paranoid I may be acting aloof, seamlessly targeting her sanity via potentially feigned innate quirks.

    6th- crushed the fragile self-worth of over half of the PTO by being helpful, 3x beyond their ability, clearly quantified, via, i assumed it was clear common sense, conceiving no remarkablilty.

    7th- unprecedented/ no prior conception of procedure, a kid (known 2nd gr+ invcurrent class of 11) suspended, 3d. Apparently, 2 classmates, reported this agregious bullying me, @teacher multi times for >2m

    Queried everyone/way i know. 20y, no clue.


    1. He tossed a basketball @me not to me some
    mentally dismissed, often following my 'accidental' misplacement of my foot in his path.

    2. Verbal smthg i didnt register at all, unless if it was weight related, as itd hsve been a redundant fact statement
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