Biggest regret: Staying at my current dev job through the bad times (which started a week into the job). I've been here 2 years now, the first was a complete waste of my time, I was rudely managed and dumped on the projects nobody wanted. They were a complete miss-match for my skill set and not what I was told the job was about. In my first annual review I said I was applying for other jobs, I got moved to R&D within a couple of weeks, it's been better work and management wise but there's a perpetual threat of being moved back. I have my second annual review tomorrow. The money isn't great. The experience has been a mixed bag. After the first year it was quite interesting. But I probably won't be staying long.

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    Just got my first junior dev job and I am already having these feelings. I do not think it's a good fit. Get out now or wait 6 mos and apply elsewhere?
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    @g-m-f Less than a month but almost lost it at work yeterday and raged quit. Some people are super nice but it chao people complain how busy they are but then sit around and have personal conversations for 30 mins at a time. It's super frustrating.
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