I have been trying to use machine learning inside an app.

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I have been trying to use machine learning inside an app.

Hello guys, I have been trying to use tensorflow inside a application to analyse users emotion. Only the problem is I don't know how to use ml inside an app.
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    Great project idea 👍
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    Cool cool
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    If somebody can just Colan with me and work, it will be great. Am just hitting brick wall here.
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    The way you do it inside an app is either:

    Implement ML on a server and use it as a backend service


    Train a ML algo using tensor flow on a computer and use Tensor flow lite inside the application using the trained algorithm.
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    This will solve world hunger. Loved it.
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    Awesome, i am trying to add machine learning to my mi scale. help
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    Pro tip, train your brain with ML
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    How does a report taste like?
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    @Pepsi1x1 Noob tip, buy a brain
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    I have been trying to do the same. Froze my model and added the obtained pb file to the asset folder in android. But not able to use it.
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    One more guys. How to create a user side server. I mean if a user logins , facebook show only his data in the same website. This varies for different users right. How can I create something like this.
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    @sathya741. What programming language are you using?
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    @sathya741 I really am hoping you are joking...
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    @sathya741 django? wtf man??
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    Just kidding...I am double minded between using PHP or someother. Django, I use it for REST API.
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    Actually am open to any suggestions that you might have
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    @sathya741 They are mocking you because Django isn't a programming language. It's a framework for python.
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    I get that...
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    Sathya741 if you using a model in cloud it's easy. Just deploy your model in cloud service, like azure,aws,etc. And call the service using RESTApi.

    Now, if you want to do this offline you need to compile your model e put into your app. I'm a Xamarin developer so i have this reference: https://blog.xamarin.com/android-ap...

    I hope this helps you.
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    Isn't tensorflow mobile/lite for exactly that purpose?
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