Full Stack Web Developer Looking for Collabs

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Full Stack Web Developer Looking for Collabs

Hey guys, thanks for supporting this community. I completed my studies two months ago and getting really bored as I don't have much going on. I will be happy to filly time with projects. I am a Full Stack Web Developer, with experience with JavaScript, C, C++, Java, Python, Java, Ruby, NodeJS, VueJS, MongoDB, Android Development. Will be happy if it's a JavaScript stack project. Have had an internship as a front-end engineer, so am quite good. I have being a lone developer for sometime and it's getting hard, so I want to make some friends.. so this project is smth I'm really looking up to. Feel free to email me at: clintonyebATgmail.com. Or check my portfolio at http://clintonyeb.com Thank you for your time.
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Full Stack Web development
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    @Alice yes I do, though I don't think it's much. I have experience with Arduino, which I guess is usually considered "basic IoT".

    But talk about building front-end components, back-end servers in NodeJS, Java-Spring, or Ruby on rails, adding databases... and I can confidently say I am an expert.

    How do you think I can be useful?
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    @Alice it's fine :(
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    @Alice I got the joke right away :D

    @OP do you have experience with reverse engineering device APIs?
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    @undef ?
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    "Have had internship"

    "I am an expert"

    Sorry, but, LOL.
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    @Alice gosh ! You made me laugh so hard !
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    clintonyeb.com is not loading for me fyi
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