A hand attachment installed in arms reach of the user's laptop.

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A hand attachment installed in arms reach of the user's laptop.

Our revolutionary hand attachment for your laptop is the perfect way to keep yourself away from arguing with idiots online. People can issue a command to that hand attachment and it will slap you across the face. No shit talk, no shit-posting!! You can now slap each other on the internet, taking your anger out. Additional capabilities may include a fire attachment so you can really spice up that slap you wanted to reach that bitch who shit talks about your mom!! And one more thing! You can integrate it with ChatGPT so that the AI can decide to slap you across the face if you ask a stupid question.
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    It's like teledildonics but so much more!
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    The Internet, as we know it, would be dead.
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    say what? other ppl will command my hand to slap me? an stupid bot which can distinguish a fact from a lie will somehow detect a stupid question and will also have control of that arm?

    ...why I don't think this is a good idea...
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    @We3D I understand your disconnect, but this product is basically a genius innovation which will disrupt the market like no other product ever has.

    We not only offer AI Integration like ChatGPT or GPT-4 but we also offer blockchain integration.

    Why you ask? Because your privacy is important to us.
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    @Sid2006 I knew it... but, but it's my privacy and I like it the way it is thanks ;p
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    @Sid2006 It starts with a hand, then two so it can also cook... and before you know it you have your own Terminator64 who is ready to cancel you at your first mistake ;)
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    @We3D gun attachments sold separately
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    @Sid2006 hmm, how many free packs w/ ammo I get?
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    @We3D The first 2 mags are free, but after you fall in love with our product we will offer you 2 mags per month for $9.99 a month basically for the price of a cup of coffee.

    Disclaimer: Once started, you cannot cancel the subscription, or we may have to take "measures" against you.
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    @Sid2006 you are free to measure all you want, but we have Contra TM, and we are good at it ;)
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