This morning I wake up feeling stressed af and dreading going to work. I can't take it anymore. What should I do?

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    Take it easy, maybe take the day off early..
    Do something you enjoy, get a massage?

    If you just straight home in front the computer, don't. Do something else.
    - personal experience, it all adds up..
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    @lotd I'm usually fine most days, but yesterday there was a stressful situation where we had to ship something in an hour after it got into review. This happened because a last minute request was made and this last minute request was handled about a freshly hired junior (so it's just me and this junior), and then when it was in review it needed fixing before even going out. Like I literally only had about an hour or so to make fixes to mistakes this junior made.
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    @jpat82792 yeah, meditation is definitely a powerful tool.
    But not on its own, it requires you to have faith and patience with it.. :)

    I use the headspace app
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