2nd post progress of this project https://devrant.com/rants/9985730/...

I went to shop to buy missing ir diode and bluetooth for arduino.

Launched arduino today with ir receiver and I managed to reverse engineer protocol.

Turns out it’s just NEC remote codes.
I used this library https://arduino.cc/reference/en/... to easily send and receive ir signals.

Everything took me whole day cause I’m rookie in hardware.

I can now remote control medion md 19500 using arduino.

Next step is to make it riding itself.
I need to measure speed and turn angle with error rates.

I will probably use pen and paper and let vacuum cleaner draw angle for me and after that I will use the most modern, accurate and cheapest angle measurement tool that is protractor - school welcome back

Speed can be more complicated and need another external complicated tool that is tape measure and a clock.

I also bought second robot because I got this stupid idea to allow people to control robots using internet.

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