Highlights of this year for you?
Besides AI buzzwords.
Tech, games, life events, anything!
Stuff you did well? Things you’d like to improve at?

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    Became an international glamour puss
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    Getting more outdated than ever year on year
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    Nah I was a shithead at the start of this year.

    Still am.

    So, no nothing special.
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    @MammaNeedHummus what is an international glamorous puss?
    It’s been a wild year for me. Started my naturalization paperwork, got my self esteem destroyed by dating apps but somehow found a very sweet woman right when I gave up on them (or rather, she found me), had my parents visit and took them around some places, a friend went back to his country, I discovered proper workout routines and got buff, and my company is still on fire so I started leetcoding in advance for next year’s interviews. Found out I actually enjoy leetcode.
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