I don't work for Walmart, but they almost put my job in jeopardy today. I have a console app in production that pushes Walmart orders from their marketplace into our system for fulfillment. For half a year, I have handled thousands of orders, but overnight, all customers were getting massive price cuts on products in the Walmart feed! I looked at the data and initially thought it was my error due to using a quotient instead of a product in the code. But upon closer inspection, some fool at Walmart had changed code on their end without telling my team! Broke all the things. Lucky we were able to pull a full stop before we lost disgusting amounts of money, but you would think that a big player like Wally would at least announce a breaking code change to their users. 😲😡

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    No, they don’t and won’t notify you of changes. The Retail Link login API changed three times in one week and our automation had to be fixed each time. If we were CI/CD it wouldn’t be so bad, but we are not.
    And don’t bother monitoring RL QA, sometimes it’s only updated AFTER Production.
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