At the ranters who use Vim as their primary IDE. How do you manage to get some autocompletion working?
I want to be one of the cool kids and use Vim for coding but I am so used to a good autocompletion like the one IntelliJ offers.
I want to be able to browse through every method of an object or function of a module. But Vims build in engine sucks ass and YouCompleteMe doesnt seem to work that good either (only tested with Javascript, Typescript and Elm). They dont show all the correct identifiers but they do show some other random stuff.

How do you guys manage to be productive? How do you make it show only the usefull stuff?

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    By using an actual IDE. Vim is awesome and you can plug in the fk out of it, but it will remain an editor forever. Same as Emacs regardless of all its capabilities I would not venture to call them IDEs when we have things like the Jetbrains suite, VS, Eclipse, Netbeans, Codeblocks etc.
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    In case you really are looking for IDE, I suggest you look for Vi/Vim editor plugins for your existing IDE. In case you are just starting to use Vim, this will suffice because these plugins usually support most of Vim’s common functionalities. Problem is when you have your Vim workflow under control, but such plugin misses at least one part of it... Getting over that is hard :)

    But please don’t use Vim to be cool. Use it to become more efficient. Use it to make cool stuff.
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    Seriously, don't use vim for anything serious or boilerplate heavy (e.g. Java)
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    Personally the control + p is all I need for auto completion in vi/m
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    For simple stuff like variable autocompletion you can use Ctrl + n.
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    One of cool kids or one of geek kids? And I meant this as a compliment to all vim users.
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    I second everything @Bitwise said.
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    I don’t use vim but I use emacs... you complete me works fine for me ( for vim as well when I used it ).
    But yea, code completion is never as good as what a full fledged IDE achieves. But then again, jetbrains IDE’s ultimate editions r paid...
    And m fine with emacs for now ( c++, Rust )
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    I use deoplete, and it serves me well. You can install some special completion sources for some languages, and get really good support. I think some people were working on a better interface for auto complete hints on neovim. Anyway, for simple uses, you can use the built-in c-x something.
    There's a plugin that implements a language server protocol client for vim; you can try to get vscode's auto complete as well, but I never tried that.
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