Being a c# junkie moving to c++, I hated the archaic practice of declaring things in one file, then implementing them in another.

I have been using c++ as my main language for about two months straight now, and I went back to a c# project and I HATE not having them in separate files.

Funny, eh?

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    C++ saved you.
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    @superdupernova an HTML parser / web crawler
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    Stockholm Syndrome
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    C++ modules incoming
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    As I said about about certain global events 3 years ago, it's amazing how quickly changes that we hate become normal
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    @TheBeardedOne I don’t think that certain global event three years ago ever became normal for me.
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    I have to say it can be worse! Like who decided that variables and types need to be declared in their own files?! Damn old rotten PLC languages!
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    I still think header files suck. The information they contain is not a useful selection for humans, only for compilers. They contain information you're literally not allowed to interact with unless you're defining the class which the header declares.
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    @lorentz I partially agree with you. You can see them as interfaces, a contract. You interact with them the same way as a contract and don't care about the implementation.
    That is obviously not true in a lot of cases making it feel exactly as you state.
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