Inspiring moment: when the control system I wrote for a robot stopped the thing's EDF mere inches from my nose when the bot went out of control (for other reasons) during testing. Had it not stopped I would probably be without a nose, that EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) had fairly sharp blades. Very scary, but very thrilling too.

Each time my code affects something in the real world, it feels so damn awesome. Thankfully I've not come close to losing my nose (or other body parts) after that incident, but that incident inspired me to continue work on failure-proof control systems that enforce safety.

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    What kind of robot?
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    It was a pretty silly thing, actually
    A competition required that we drive one small, autonomous bot using a bigger bot, and that the energy transfer had to take place using wind or light :/
    So, we just made a basic big-ish three-omniwheeled contraption and stuck an EDF onto it (I'm omitting some stuff, but eh, details).
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